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Technology Assessments

You turn to your banker for financial advice, a CPA for taxes, and a lawyer for legal counsel.  Considering how important technology is to your business, shouldn’t you have a trusted advisor for IT as well?  Golden West Technologies can serve as that advisor. Our expert team of consultants, sales engineers, and technicians will work together to analyze your organization’s technology and provide valuable recommendations.  Through our Baseline Technology Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment, WAN Analysis, and IP Readiness Assessment, we can guide your business to a better IT solution.

To learn more about technology assessments, contact us here.

Baseline Technology Assessment

It’s difficult to make positive changes to your business without first knowing what’s wrong.  That’s what makes this assessment so valuable. We’ll uncover and report on your infrastructure, security shortfalls, and network health. You’ll also receive inventory reports, future needs assessment and budgetary guidelines. After completion of this assessment, you’ll have the information necessary to improve your use of technology and plan for the future.

Vulnerability Assessment

At one time, it was possible a basic firewall with anti-virus could protect your business from cyber threats.   The threats have changed, but has your defense? Take control of your network security. We can assist you in developing a comprehensive approach, starting with identifying what’s most critical to you and the likelihood of it being attacked.  

WAN Analysis

Slow network performance is a common problem for businesses.  Before you invest in expensive equipment or bandwidth, allow us to assist you in determining the cause of the problem. We will provide your team a clear snapshot ofyour traffic, illuminating any configuration issues, end-user violations, or network priority setting problems.  This assessment will provide you the information to prevent unneeded expense.

IP Readiness Assessment

Are you considering adding IP devices to your network but aren’t sure what effect it will have on your network? The IP Readiness Assessment will provide you a clear picture of how your current network would respond to these new devices. This will enable you to determine feasibility and avoid hidden costs and delays in your project.