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Firewall Management

You have a firewall, so your business is secure, correct?  Unfortunately, no, it’s not.  While a firewall is an important part in protecting your data, steps are also needed to detect and respond to threats.  Today, it can be assumed that your network will be breached.  It’s only a matter of time—which is why it’s vital to know when it happens and how to neutralize the threat. Golden West Technologies can help provide this level of security.

Our solution provides you with 24/7 firewall monitoring and management.  The Golden West Technologies team will alert you to any suspicious activity. We’ll also report on all traffic and provide a consultation on the results to you and your staff.  Firewall Management also helps protect your network by automatically updating your SonicWALL appliance with the latest and most effective security measures.

Learn more about Firewall Management and how it can be of value to your organization:

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