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Backup Disaster and Continuity

Taking full advantage of the benefits of today’s technology inherently requires dependence on technology. How long could your business operate without access to your servers?  Think about your email, applications, data, equipment, and facilities.  Imagine the time, productivity, and money that would be lost.  It is crucial, and often required, for organizations to have backup disaster and continuity management.

We’ve made the investment in a high security data center and military grade encryption. This allows you to achieve a painless and cost effective backup of your business, that’s current and readily available.  Our team will not only backup your data, but can also monitor the procedure and notify you of its status. Most importantly, we offer a local appliance as part of our solution. This allows us to promptly restore your server in the event of a catastrophic data loss. Your business will be back up and running within hours, not days.

Learn more about Backup Disaster and Continuity Management and how it can be of value for your business by contacting us for a complimentary consultation.